Ina Black Previous

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Biceps: 40 cm

We believe she does not need presentation, because she is in Top 5 Best Competitive Wrestlers in heavy weight category.

She is a champion of judo and sambo and for the last 5 years she performs in the world of submission wrestling, gaining wins one after another. Lots of times girls have declined wrestling with her out of fear, but the fact is that she can be very careful and gentle and defeat the opponents without injuring them or threaten their health in any possible way. She loves dominating and showing that she doesn’t fear the heavier opponents.

At the same time she is very funny and friendly person and shows great attitude towards everybody. She loves the sea and lying on the beach. She loves animals, rock music and bear. Her favorite drink is the wine.Her philosophy is that woman’s strength is in her weakness, but this provokes her to show that she could be as competitive, strong and technical as the guys who she wrestles with. Her personal achievements in the fitness are: Bench 70 kg, squat – 110 kg, leg press 20 x 200 kg.

For Ina wrestling is not just a business. Wrestling is her life!

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