Lidiya Previous

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Biceps: 34 cm

Lidiya is Ina's small sister. Although she has recently entered the wrestling world, she improves her skills very quickly and she could be equal opponent to anybody. she has extremely strong and flexible hands and legs, which make scissors , chokes and guillotines from which is very hard to escape.

Also she is in the national team of ice hockey of Bulgaria. Her hobbies are dancing and singing and she looooves martini with green olive! She enjoys partying, training, watching movies, holidays and just ... to wasting her time. She has extremely friendly and positive personality. Her sports background starts from her early age and covers sports like art gymnastics, athletics, volleyball, basketball, swimming, ice hockey, wrestling, judo, boxing and grappling.

She loves conquers heights and enjoys men's company. She is very controlling  over men and the naughty ones can easily be spanked. She would leave you extremely exhausted, but satisfied in the end of your session. She expects you!

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