Teddy Previous

Height: 172 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Biceps: 36 cm

Teddy is available for competitive,semi domination sessions. She loves box and is very technique wrestler. She is the newest addition to our wrestling club, but we are sure the you would be impressed by her.

She has trained fighting sports for 10 years. Her favorite lock is armbar. she is very good at locking hands and legs and choking. She has one debute in MMA which ended with a win for her. She used to be competition to Ina in judo and sambo and they had 2 matches against each other.

They ended with 1 win for each of them. Teddy is one of the most contrast personalities, because she enjoys causing pain but at the same time she could be very gentle. She loves night clubs, parties and meetings with friends. She is a classy man crusher.

If you are fens of competitive sessions, you should know how to lose, because she doesn't. She is waiting for you...


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