Who are Foxy Dolls?

29 Sep 2013

Foxy Dolls.com is website for MMA, freestyle wrestling and grappling.

The most pleasant thing is, that all of this skills are introduced by one of the most sexiest and powerful girls from Bulgaria! Here you can find very attractive video clips of female, mixed, fantasy and domination, competitive, semi-competitive and domination wrestling.

Ina Black is the most experienced wrestler of us. She is training the other girls and helping them to perform better, then our competition. We have a big professional training room, where we are training, making our videos, events and private sessions.

Most of the girls on this website are professional athletes in a different sports, so except the pleasant emotions, you will receive and a free training lesson!


As you can see, all of Foxy Dolls girls are either ex or current professional athletes. That's the reason why you won't see any naked or topless pictures or videos on our website.

We will be happy, if you respect our decision and appreciate the femininity and our sexy style of wrestling.


If you have any questions or maybe some wild dream you want to turn into reality, do not hesitate and share it with us!

Maybe this is your lucky day …