The truth about the match between Ina Black and Anna Conda

30 Nov 2014

Dear friends,

It's very unpleasant for me, that i need to describe this situation, but i was provoked from number of facts.Now i'm going to explain from my point of view what happened during our visit in Berlin in october last year.

I read many comments written from her on her website and Facebook page about my victory over her. She said that she didn't expect for me to be that heavy as i was.

I really want to emphasize, that i've never ever have a conversation with her about my weight! She took a very old information from a well-known website where i have a profile, without even to ask me, if it's still current.


Dear Anna,

I'm a professional. I spent my whole life practicing this sport and i really think, that i don't need fake advertising! Also, I don't think, that people like me and you need to explain yourself about their wins and losses.

Everybody must accept them with dignity!


And another question i would like to ask - why you didn't said anything about the match between you and Lidiya? Her weight is half of yours, but she beat you! 

Now, because of your incorrectness, I want to tell you, that I spoke with Lidiya before your match with her and we decided to not let you lose without even one submission, because of our respect for you and because we were your guests in Berlin.


This situation provoked me also to reveal why i wrote on my personal facebook page, that i will stop with the sessions for a couple of years.

My client told me, that Anna Conda told him, that it's because of her...

 No. That's not the truth!

 The reason of my decision and my message in Facebook was my pregnancy. Actually, couple of months after our visit in Berlin, I found that I'm pregnant.


I've had many trips and sessions, pretty hard and not that hard matches, but nobody never ever complain about their wins or losses. Just because it's very unprofessional.


Best regards,

Ina Black