Ina Black vs Warrior HD
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It's a great pleasure to see these two fighting machines in a challenge match! Despite Ina's obvious weight advantage Warrior turns out to be quite the opponent and this match is definitely not a domination!

 Ina starts first to show her talents and successfully takes Warrior to the ground. She traps her in grapevine which does not keep her though! Ina tries to do an armbar but again Warrior manages to escape and finally the first point is won by Ina after she does bodyscissors! 
Right after that Warrior takes the lead by very aggressive approach and manages to throw Ina and get on top of her. Warrior tries to take a submission first by choking, but Ina escapes, then she tries to do bodyscissors which again does not keep Ina and after that it turns out to be very close call on each side. Both girls attack but the other one put her defense on and it seems that taking a submission is very hard!
Definitely Warrior's power and technique surprised Ina which probably thought that this would be just like a training match for her! Watch to see which one won after all!