Ina Black vs Phoenix
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Ina Black is challenged by another German fighting machine Iron Phoenix.
Ina is having a great advantage due to the size difference but Phoenix is not holding back at all. Her skills are good enough to keep her out of danger at least for a while.
At the beginning of the match Ina takes the lead and tries to play with Phoenix as she is a toy but it takes a while until she finally manages to suprise her and takes the first point with an armbar.
Right after that Iron Phoenix decides to take it back and starts attacking aggressively. Ina goes to the defensive side. She does not stay there long though as she manages to surpise Phoenix and gets on top of her. Not long after Ina wins the second point by another armbar.
Iron does not hold back for long as she makes a remarkable come back with an impressive headscissors and takes submission for her.
This is an amazing match of the bulgarian fighting machine vs the german technical power.

Watch to see which one is the winner!