Ina Black feet match
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Ken is back again and Ina asks him if he really wants to wrestle her again, and he answers "yes".  A few seconds later he is locked in a body scissors, unable to break loose.  Ina rolls him over and pins him down.  She asks him: "What is wrong with you?".  A justified question since he is obviously a loser.  He taps but is soon in Ina´s claws again.  Ina is really tired of him now as he is a lousy wrestler not worthy to challenge her.  So she thinks of another way to use him this time.  For the remainder of the video she gets her feet kissed.  She also tries his ability to handle her feet in his mouth.  At the end we get a close up on his face as he and his mouth struggles with her feet.  He is nearly choking at the very end.