Ina Black pin wrestling
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"Another lesson in the noble art of wrestling for this guy, this time pin wrestling.  Ina asks him if he´s ready, he says "yes" but is he really?  It takes about 15 seconds and he is down under again. Before the game actually started Ina wanted to count the wins and so making this into a competition. Why she would do that remains a mystery since the chance that the guy pinned her would be less than nothing.  Anyway, the "match" continues and I really lost count on the amount of wins.  The ways she brings him down alter a bit, you will obviously see pins but also head scissors, facesitting and breastsmother.  The most humiliated one is probably when she sits on his back and stretches his arms backwards, planting her feet on his head, no escape there.  In the end she pins him and stretches his legs to test his flexibility.  The whole thing ends with arm wrestling, and the defeated having to kiss the winner´s biceps and raise her hand in victory."