Ina Black Slapping match
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This video shows a very cruel mistress (mis)using her slave to see how far she can get.  He must respect and fear her a lot because he doesn´t move an inch.  He has to sit on the floor and she a bit above him on the sofa , so that it gives her the right height for the best possible and most effective slap.  To show her ignorance and arrogance towards her terrified victim she not only slaps him but also eats, drinks and smokes during the act. Of course she blows him in the face a number of times.  He has to be absolutely quiet and still but she cannot help smiling and laughing at times, amused by his helplessness and fear.  The session is finished off with some prolonged facesitting, both forward and reverse.  She starts the face slapping wearing leggings but when she turns to facesitting she takes them off."