Ina Black face sitting match
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This poor guy has just realized that he now belongs to Ina, his mistress, and she can do whatever she wants to him.  He just has to accept this fact. This time she has decided to scare him with some various facesitting techniques.  Three types to be precise, first against the wall, then on the edge of the bed, and finally on the floor. He knows what this will eventually lead to and that`s what scares him.  He knows that within 10-12 mins he will be on the brink of unconsciousness, and there is nothing he can do about it.  Ina, however, enjoys this scenario which you clearly can see.  She smiles a lot, laughs and at one point she eats a peach, and later on she chews a bubble gum, just to add to the effortless manner in which she does this.  She knows that she is in full control, and that "he" will make no resistance whatsoever.